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Doorstep RO Service Repair & Installation in 2 Hours

We understand how important it is to have a constant supply of drinking water hence our lightning fast technicians reach your house within 2 hours of your complaint for RO service, RO Repair and RO installation in Kanpur, Unnao and other surrounding areas of Kanpur. We provide RO Service, Repair and Annual Maintenance in Kanpur for all RO brands. Our repairs are well skilled to provide excellent service and fulfilment is guaranteed. Our skilled technicians will take care of each and every problem related to your water purifiers and fix the issue with a lasting solution with best quality spare parts. We are one of the best RO service center in Kanpur for all foremost brands with superb customer response about our RO Service in Kanpur and nearby areas.

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 Aquaguard ro service and repair

Aquaguard RO Service & Repair in Kanpur

Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes is perhaps the most popular brand for domestic RO systems. Considering its popularity all our technicians are well expert with the complete range of Eureka Forbes water purifier systems hence provide the best service, repair, maintenance and installation of all aquaguard RO systems in Kanpur and surrounding areas.

Kent RO Service & Repair in Kanpur

If your Kent RO needs service, repair or general maintenance you need not look further than Aquadrink. Our team of RO experts provides top class Kent RO service, repair, maintenance and installation in Kanpur. No matter what the problem is, our RO service and repair experts in Kanpur are capable of solving it in the comfort of your home.

 Kent ro service and repair
Livpure ro service and repair

Livpure RO Service & Repair in Kanpur

Ever since the launch of Livpure RO water purifier system we have trained our staff to tackle all the problems that your Livpure RO may have which makes us forefront providers of Livpure RO service, repair, maintenance and installation in Kanpur. From membranes to small switches, our technicians are capable of replacing/repairing at your home.

Our Brand Expertise

We Don’t Say No to RO Service & Repair
of Any Brand You Have

Our Brand Expertise

We Don’t Say No to RO Service & Repair
of Any Brand You Have

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Anil Sidhwani Aquaguard RO User

Highly skilled people for aquaguard service and repair in kanpur. They have very good knowledge of all models hence solve all RO problems very easily and quickly.

Veena Singh Kent RO User

I will highly recommend Aqua Drink for kent RO service & repair in Kanpur for their qualified technicians and parts availability with them. Service was done very smoothly.

Mahesh Malik Livpure RO User

Super fast work. Technicians arrived soon after I called them and Service of my Livpure RO was carried out at express speed. Aqua Drink is my permanent choice now.


Frequent Questions Regarding Our RO Services in Kanpur

The filters that make up an osmosis unit, such as the sediment filter and the activated carbon filter, must be changed regularly. In order to optimize the performance of your filtration system popular companies like Kent, Aquaguard and LivPure advise to replace them every year.

Osmosis water is known as drinking water. It is drinking water free of chlorine and traces of pollutants (heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides, nitrates and other organic materials). Although deprived of 90% of mineral salts, it is not more demineralized than certain bottled waters which contain only a few milligrams of minerals per liter. These weakly mineralized waters are also recommended for pregnant women and infants. Osmosis water has a neutral taste and can be drunk daily by all members of the family. It is also suitable in the kitchen to release all the flavors of culinary preparations. Drinking filtered or reverse osmosis water has another advantage, and not the least: no need to buy plastic water bottles, which represents a positive point for the environment and for your wallet!

Maintaining an osmosis plant requires regularity. With our years of experience in servicing and repairing RO units of Kent, Aquaguard and Livpure we can advise to replace your RO parts once in a year in order to prevent bacterial risks and optimize the performance of the filtration system. The osmosis membrane, whose role is to retain unwanted elements, must be checked every year, in order to measure whether or not to replace it. It is also recommended to disinfect the reverse osmosis unit every year and use genuine spare parts of recognized brands like Kent, Aquaguard and Livpure. Our RO Expert in Kanpur are available for maintenance, repair and service of any kind of RO plants and advise you on all maintenance operations.


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