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Our physical health and well-being depend greatly on the water we consume, and the ideal solution to that is to install a home water purifier dispenser. The advantages of the use of the dispensers can be many: pure fresh mineral water, economic savings with respect to the purchase of bottled mineral water and its effect on the environment. But at the end of the day, it is a machine prone to defaults, and thus, requires regular maintenance. At Aquadrink we offer doorstep RO Service, Ro Repair and maintenance in Lucknow on already installed water purifiers! In addition to RO Repair and maintenance, we also extend our services to water purifiers installation. our installation service in Lucknow is completely authorized, and we only deal in genuine spare parts. Under our services, we cover doorstep RO repair and installation of most of the major water purifier brands including Aquaguard, Kent RO, Livpure, etc.

If you are looking for RO Service, Repair & Installation in Lucknow, you can call us. Our technicians will be at your doorstep within 2 hours of making the request. We also issue completely free service estimates and consultancy. You can contact us for an inspection and we will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs.

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Aquaguard RO repair and service in Lucknow

Aquaguard RO Service & Repair in Lucknow

One of the big names among domestic households in India, Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes is considerably one of the most reputable water purifiers. Keeping this in mind, we have technicians who are capable of handling all types of water purifiers by Eureka Forbes and have several years of experience in dealing with Aquaguard RO Repair and installation in Lucknow.

Kent RO Service & Repair in Lucknow

Kent water purifiers are one of the top-selling water purifiers in India. It is among the affordable and reliable water purifier brands. We provide Kent RO Service & Repair in Lucknow for all kinds, whether they are old, new or advanced water purifiers. You do not need to waste your time visiting several RO water purifiers service centers when we provide you with assured doorstep service.

Kent ard RO repair and service in Lucknow
Livpure RO repair and service in Lucknow

Livpure RO Service & Repair in Lucknow

Livpure is one of the more recent entrants in the field of water purification systems in India. It is increasingly becoming popular, and considering this we offer a complete range of solutions for Livpure RO Service & Repair in Lucknow. We have trained our engineers and technicians for all kinds of issues related to repairs, installation, or general maintenance of all Livpure Ro devices.

Frequent Questions Regarding Our RO Services in Lucknow

Your supply water contains dissolved solids, known as TDS, and several other germs and impurities that make the drinking water unfit for consumption. Reverse osmosis or RO water purifiers help in cleaning and purification of the water. Regular Ro service helps in maintaining the quality and purity and keeps the water purifier in good shape.

At AquaDrink we offer complete solutions for all your water purifier needs, including RO repairs, RO installation, and periodic checkups and maintenance, whenever required. In case of a general RO service request, the key components of an RO are inspected and cleaned. This includes pre and post-filters checks (and replacement if required), RO semipermeable membrane checks, monitoring and adjustment of water flow and TDS levels, etc.

Although often your water purifier itself gives the signs if it needs servicing, you should get it serviced anyway every 3 months or so. This will ensure that you have a regular and continual supply of clean drinking water, free of contaminants. Other signs that indicate that your purifier needs servicing may include bad odor, bad taste, water leakage, or machine unresponsiveness of any kind.

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